Ideas in progress:

The Partnership Brokers Association as a social innovation – how can we continue to innovate in how it runs as well as what it does?

Innovation in the partnering space – how can we make partnering skills training available at the community level? If we don’t, partnerships for sustainable development risk becoming another form of exclusive ‘club’. Working further with The Partnering Initiative to scale up the reach of a pilot project on this theme we have just completed in Ghana

Mindfulness – a new ‘alternative’ interest… all the benefits of guided meditation without the burden of religious affiliation… a great resource for those wanting to operate as ‘reflective’ practitioners

Planning an ‘action enquiry’ exploring the importance of imagination, vision and imagery in social innovation and partnership brokering… if we cannot get beyond words (with all their limitations) and really visualise something different, how can we hope to help create it?

2013 looks like being another busy year…

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