Am I really 66?

When did this happen? I have been ignoring that I reached pensionable age 6 (nearly 7) years ago – as if it is simply inconceivable to stop doing all the things I am doing. Well one thing’s for sure, I don’t have a blogging or tweeting bone in my body, as the paucity of entries in this on-line journal testifies. For someone whose last 26+ years has been about promoting and encouraging collaboration, it amuses me that I just love working on my own, from home (am I guilty of ‘do as I say, not as I do?’ – hope not). But I do increasingly see that introverts need quite different conditions in which to operate optimally, I also realise that far more introverts come to be trained as partnership brokers than extroverts… so although we seem to live in a very extrovert world, perhaps introverts are coming into their own as ‘invisible’ leaders.

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