Space to be Retreat

About two months since I loaded some of my writing onto this site and I have had some responses which have been really pleasing to receive. Now more stories and poems are up-loaded and I really relish getting responses / feedback!

Last week I returned from 3 days at Trigonos – facilitating / curating a SPACE TO BE RETREAT. It was good to be back, to see so many of the team coping brilliantly with Covid requirements without the atmosphere being spoiled and to see that flourishing biodynamic horticulture. It made me confident enough (in Trigonos under new management as well as in the value of the SPACE TO BE retreat to book new dates for 2022 – one per season where we can enjoy and build on the changing landscape over the year.

I am currently involved in facilitating a PBA (Partnership Brokers Association) MOVING FORWARDS process with its 70+ Associates. It is humbling to hear how important this distributed organisation is and the impact it is having – despite being small, somewhat ‘niche’ and without any core financial support. We’ll see where this leads.

On a (more) personal front, I have spent much of the past 3 months transforming a run- down courtyard garden into a sun-filled (when the sun shines) sanctuary. Have learnt a lot (not being a gardener) and enjoyed having to be inventive when it comes to making changes as I learn from my mistakes.

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