January 2024

I seem to have lost a whole year (actually 18 months) since I last wrote here. Astonishing and a bit scary! What made me too busy to up-date this journal? Well, despite being (theoretically) retired (or, at least, long past pensionable age) I seem to have been pretty busy…

  • The retreat programme SPACE TO BE has really taken off. A 3-day retreat in the wonderful setting of Trigonos in Snowdonia, North Wales. 
  • My writing still takes me over in bursts of activity when inspiration strikes. A friend (who also happens to be an editor) told me a few years ago that my ‘stories’ are more ‘dramatic monologues’ and I think she is right. Do I stand up and perform them??? One of many questions I am grappling with…
  • An interest in art has led me over the past year into the domain of collage which I think I like because it requires ideas and a kind of visual intelligence and does not require one to be a good artist as such. 
  • I have also done a lot of reading – particularly biographies – with an eclectic mix including Virginia Woolf, Tom Stoppard, Georgia O’Keefe and, most recently, Chairman Mao(!)

If any of my slightly mad range of activities interest you, I would love to hear from you! ros@rostennyosn.info

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