Curriculum Vitae

Originally trained in drama and theatre, I moved away from the arts to work in community development and with young offenders. From the start I found myself more concerned with responding to situations rather than creating formulas – using intuition, imagination and experience to inform my work.

It seems I have often acted on the premise: If it doesn’t exist, invent it. So it was a good moment when I first encountered the term ‘social innovator’ and suddenly felt validated for what, till that moment had felt like a scattered and illogical ‘career path’.

From 1992-2011 I worked for an international educational charity – leading their pioneering work on cross-sector partnerships. This involved researching, writing, training and supporting individuals and organisations in their partnering endeavours. Such partnerships typically operate as voluntary collaborations between organisations from different sectors (business, government and civil society). The aim is to address seemingly intractable problems by using pooled resources and building on diversity as a basis for innovation.

My partnering approach is essentially about empowerment and capacity building – drawing out creativity and potential – often latent and unexamined. It involves understanding and promoting partnership not because it is the latest development fad but because it offers a long-term approach to social inclusion, economic development and context-appropriate alternatives.

Having completed further training in action research, teamwork, e-learning, coaching and mentoring, I am now committed to offering support to individuals and groups wherever my experience and skills can be useful and make a difference.


1971Diploma in Drama and Theatre (Distinction). University of London, UK

1976 –  Post-graduate Diploma in Social Policy Research, City University, London, UK

1982Qualified as a T’ai Chi Chu’an instructor, Thailand & UK

1994Post-graduate work in Action Research in Professional Practice, School of Management, University of Bath, UK

2002Certificate in E-moderating, University of Cambridge Programme for Industry, UK

2006 –  Partnership Brokers Accreditation Scheme, Accredited Member, Overseas Development Institute / International Business Leaders Forum

2007Belbin Team Roles (Merit), Accredited Practitioner, Belbin Associates

2010Post-graduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring (Merit) Bristol Business School / UWE


1971-1980 Community Work
Youth offenders
Refugee resettlement

1980-1985 Teaching: Drama and Theatre Studies
Open University, UK
Syracuse University, USA (London campus)
Boston University, USA (London campus)

1985-1991 Chief Executive, Marylebone Centre Trust
Development of a primary health-care facility integrating mainstream and alternative medicine with community and social care, used as a national and international model

1992-2005 Independent Consultant
Specialising in Cross-sector Partnerships that include the corporate sector as key players

International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) (1992-2005)
Responsible for the development of IBLF’s globally recognised work in promoting cross-sector partnerships for sustainable development

Advisor & Co-Chair, Knowledge Resources Group (1997-2000)
World Bank-initiated Business Partners for Development Programme

Co-Founder and Co-Director, Post-graduate Certificate in Cross- sector Partnership (PCCP) Collaboration between University of Cambridge and IBLF

Co-Founder and Co-Director, Partnership Brokering Project
Collaboration between Overseas Development Institute and IBLF

Founding Director, The Partnering Initiative
Specialist global programme of IBLF

Since 1996 Co-Director, Trigonos
A residential, not-for-profit, education & community project

1992-2011 Director, Partnership Programmes, IBLF
In addition to my primary role, I undertook a number of additional roles in IBLF during this period including being Acting co-CEO (2008-9) and Deputy CEO (2010-11). I also at various times carried responsibility for aspects of IBLF’s strategic, organisational and human resource development.


Basic Partnering Skills training
Over a twenty-five year period, I have developed a wide range of courses for those involved in cross-sector partnering from businesses, donor organisations, government agencies, NGOs and other civil society groups.

Tailored workshops
In addition to training courses, I have facilitated a number of workshops – designed to meet the needs of single organisations, partnerships or consortia. The focus here is on organisational development, institution building and system change – helping agencies to be better prepared to meet the challenges of partnering.

Partnership Brokers Training
Level 1
This involves a five-day basic training course for individuals in all sectors at the forefront of managing the partnering process. Participants come from all parts of the world (see map).

Level 2
The development of further courses for practising partnership brokers including: PBA’s Accreditation Scheme and a course in Advanced Partnership Brokering Skills.


Africa Development Bank • Aga Khan Foundation • Bertelsmann Foundation (Germany) • British Council • Business Community Foundation (India) • Department for Education and Skills (UK) • DfID (UK) • GAIN • Government of Newfoundland & Labrador • GIZ (in India) • Katalyst (Bangladesh) • Microsoft • NABARD Bank (India) • Newmont Gold Ghana • Nike • Nokia • Polish Environmental Partnership • Rio Tinto • Soul of Europe • UNAIDS • UNDP (Africa, Cambodia, C&EE, HQ) UNFIP • UNHCR • UNSSC • USAID • WHO • World Vision • World Bank Group


Partners in Action, 1994
Commissioned and published in India funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID)

Managing Partnerships, 1998
Published by The International Business Leaders Forum

The Guiding Hand: Brokering Partnerships for Development, 2000
Commissioned and published by UN Publications (co-author, Luke Wilde)

Getting Real, 2003
Commissioned and published by IUCN for WSSD (Johannesburg)

Institutionalising Partnerships: Lessons from the Front Line, 2003
Commissioned and published by The Resource Centre for the Social Dimensions of Business Practice, funded by DFID

The Partnering Toolbook, 2004
Commissioned and published by GAIN, IBLF, UNDP and IAEA (available in 18 languages now in its 4th edition) Published by The Partnering Initiative

The Brokering Guidebook, 2005
Published by The Partnering Initiative (now in its 3rd edition)

The Case Study Toolbook: Partnership Case Studies as Tools for Change, 2006 (Project director and publication co-author) Published by The Partnering Initiative

Talking the Walk: A Communications Manual for Partnership Practitioners, 2007 (co-author) Published by The Partnering Initiative


The Partnering Initiative
As Founding Director of this project the work included: Advocacy • Brokering Case Studies • Communications • Facilitation • Institutional Capacity-building Mentoring, Project Design and Development • Partnership Events / Conferences Partnership Reviews and Evaluation • Presentations • Skills Training • Tools: Design and Development • Workshops: Design and Delivery

Partnership Brokering Project
Co-founder of the project in 2003 and Director from 2008, this programme of work was developed to build the new profession of ‘partnership broker’. The project involved providing a range of training programmes, undertaking action research and supporting local and regional networks of those operating as partnership brokers anywhere in the world.

Since 2012 this has ‘morphed’ into the Partnership Brokers Association – and working with a growing band of Associates worldwide which has led to some considerable achievements (training more than 2,000 change makers as partnership brokers; producing a series of learning case studies; undertaking a range of cutting edge programmes driving change in partnership practices). Take a look at the website and get excited!

Co-founder & co-Director of this social business in North Wales (UK) that offers a retreat setting for groups wanting to learn, train or simply take time to refresh and reflect. It combines social, economic and environmental elements and aspires to being a model of new ways of living and working in an area of high unemployment.

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Trigonos, Caernarfon, Nantlle. Gwynedd, LL54 6BW

+44 (0) 1286 882 357 (land)
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