Am I really 66?

When did this happen? I have been ignoring that I reached pensionable age 6 (nearly 7) years ago – as if it is simply inconceivable to stop doing all the things I am doing. Well one thing’s for sure, I don’t have a blogging or tweeting bone in my body, as the paucity of entries in this on-line journal testifies. For someone whose last 26+ years has been about promoting and encouraging collaboration, it amuses me that I just love working on my own, from home (am I guilty of ‘do as I say, not as I do?’ – hope not). But I do increasingly see that introverts need quite different conditions in which to operate optimally, I also realise that far more introverts come to be trained as partnership brokers than extroverts… so although we seem to live in a very extrovert world, perhaps introverts are coming into their own as ‘invisible’ leaders.

August 2016

The Partnership Brokers Association(PBA) has now almost completed its first four years as an independent entity. It still takes up quite a bit of my time – both as its Development Director for Strategy and Services and as an Authorised Practitioner Trainer & Associate. PBA now has a team of 20 Authorised Trainers, 25 Associates (delivering partnership brokering services worldwide – see:

It is exciting to see the partnership brokering work grow and to know more than 2,000 amazing individuals (graduates from PBA’s 4-day training course) are operating as partnership brokers in many different (and sometimes very challenging) contexts.

Organisations that have sent a number of people onto the course over the years include:

Amrobank, AusAID, BBC, BBC Media Trust, BRAC, CIDA, Commonwealth Secretariat, Cooperative Movement, Erasmus University, GIZ, ICIMOD, Microsoft, Open University, Oxfam, Red Cross, Rio Tinto, Save the Children, Shell, Start Network, World Economic Forum and World Vision.

Ideas in progress:

The Partnership Brokers Association as a social innovation – how can we continue to innovate in how it runs as well as what it does?

Innovation in the partnering space – how can we make partnering skills training available at the community level? If we don’t, partnerships for sustainable development risk becoming another form of exclusive ‘club’. Working further with The Partnering Initiative to scale up the reach of a pilot project on this theme we have just completed in Ghana

Mindfulness – a new ‘alternative’ interest… all the benefits of guided meditation without the burden of religious affiliation… a great resource for those wanting to operate as ‘reflective’ practitioners

Planning an ‘action enquiry’ exploring the importance of imagination, vision and imagery in social innovation and partnership brokering… if we cannot get beyond words (with all their limitations) and really visualise something different, how can we hope to help create it?

2013 looks like being another busy year…

Self Employed… Again

From January 2012 I will revert to being self-employed again. My choice after many years within one organisation, it is time to re-connect with my more idiosyncratic self and explore new issues to get my teeth into…

What’s Next?

But far from being less busy – it looks as if I will be more so. Already contracted to undertake work for the International Business Leaders Forum, The Partnering Initiative and the Partnership Brokers Association… and with work abroad in Ghana, Australia and Bangladesh in the first part of 2012… it may not be so different from my last 20 years after all!

Letting Go

Nevertheless, the experience of letting go, handing over, stepping back has been instructive (perhaps I am more of a ‘joiner’ than I thought) and I am finding this ‘limbo’ period as anxious-making as it is exciting.(2011)

Reflective Practice

I am a great advocate of ‘reflective practice’ and have spent a good many years encouraging others to keep ‘logbooks’ of their professional development journeys… so this journal will be my attempt at keeping a log book to chart the course of whatever comes next (2010)