In the past 15 years, I have written (or co-written) a number of publications. These are all on aspects of multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development – and enshrine in print my observations and lessons from 20+ years working in this area. The intention is to produce user-friendly, practical guides to the partnering process.

Most recent publications include:

  • The Partnering Toolbook – An Essential Guide to Cross Sector Partnerships

    The Partnering ToolbookAuthor: Ros Tennyson
    Publisher and Copyright: International Business Leaders Forum, 2004
    Funded by: GAIN, GTZ, UNDP
    Now in its fifth re-print, The Partnering Toolbook is a basic ‘how to partner’ manual for people working in all sectors and at all levels. It covers a range of topics including: the partnership cycle; partnering principles and good practice; resource mapping; management and maintenance of partner relationships and simple tools for reviewing and communicating achievements. Widely used in many different parts of the world, The Partnering Toolbook is available on line in a number of languages including: Amharic, Arabic, Bhasa, Chinese, Croatian, French, German, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swahili and Vietnamese.

  • The Brokering Guidebook – Tools for Navigating Cross Sector Partnerships

    The Brokering GuidebookAuthor: Ros Tennyson
    Publisher and Copyright: International Business Leaders Forum, 2005
    Funded by: Rio Tinto, UNDP, UNSSC
    This tool book addresses the core skills required by individuals (whatever their sector) to ‘broker’ or manage partnerships for sustainable development effectively. It has guidelines for running cross-sector workshops; partner entries and exits; facilitating agreements; managing challenges and more.

  • The Case Study Toolbook: Partnership Case Studies as Tools for Change

    The Case Study ToolbookAuthors: Sasha Hurrell, Sehr Hussain-Khaliq and Ros Tennyson
    Publisher and Copyright: International Business Leaders Forum, 2006
    Funded by: Alcan, IBLF, Rio Tinto, UNDP
    Partnerships for sustainable development have become a major delivery vehicle for sustainable development – but what makes them work? This tool book explores the idea that the way partnerships case studies are designed, compiled and communicated can help considerably to build and disseminate the partnering process in ways that are useful to others rather than simply being boastful about achievements.

  • Talking the Walk: A Communications Manual for Partnership Practitioners

    Talking The WalkAuthors: Sue McManus and Ros Tennyson
    Illustrator: Maria Hayes
    Publisher and Copyright: International Business Leaders Forum
    Funded by: ANZ Bank, EPCE, Nike
    Communication is at the heart of successful partnering but this is the first publication to give it the detailed attention it deserves. There are a number of ‘think pieces’ from specialists on cross-cultural communications; richer conversations; public relations and more. There are 8 tools for communications planning and implementation as well as many case studies illustrating good communications practice.

All the publications listed above are available from The Partnering Initiative website. The Partnering Initiative

There are many more recent publications – action research, case studies and Betwixt & Between: the Journal of Partnership Brokering and more – available from the PBA website ( all of which are downloadable at no cost.