Health and Well-being

My interest in health and wellbeing has taken many directions including:

  • Completing a training in Optimum Nutrition (whoever would have thought I would become fascinated by the bio-chemistry of the citric acid cycle?!)
  • Studying and teaching T’ai Chi Ch’uan for more than 12 years – getting up most mornings at 6am (this has become a habit even though the daily T’ai Chi practice stopped somewhere around 1985!).
  • I am intrigued by the notion of invisible centres of energy and their subtle influence on health and well-being. Studying the Chakras takes one into a mysterious world imbued with
  • The recent avalanche of interest in Mindfulness indicates, perhaps, how many people are searching for meaning and a stronger sense of purpose and self-worth – by paying non-judgemental attention to how you feel and practicing again and again how to live in the moment rather than in the worlds of past regrets or future anxieties.
  • Indian Head Massage is something I have trained for and offer on an unpaid basis to those who would like to experience it.