Over the years, whilst taking on a wide range of facilitating, training and mentoring roles, I have evolved some guiding principles that underpin my approach.

These are that:

  1. Questions are more important than answers – so focus on finding and articulating the underlying questions
  2. Hearing is more important than listening – so try and also hear what is not being said
  3. Reflection is as important as action – so give yourself and others time to find the ‘still place’ from where new ideas / imagination / vision / clarity can emerge
  4. The seeds of the solution are always present in the situation – so try to build on what is there not on what you assume ought to be there or what you believe ought to happen next
  5. Things change constantly – yesterday’s truth is tomorrow’s assumption so whatever you think you know is only likely to be true at the moment you think you know it
  6. The only power you ever have is the power you are willing to give away in order to empower others
  7. Real success is when no one notices what you have done – so plan to walk through your work without leaving footprints

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